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Manufacturing areas are usually harsh environments that require a durable label printing solution. The Graphtec label creation system offers the capability of producing labels that are designed for the durability that is required. Our label creation system delivers great benefits in terms of durability, improvement of the label printing process and reduction of operating costs.

Typical Applications

  • Automotive Labels
  • UL/CSA compliance Labels
  • Safety Sign/Caution Labels

What we can offer

  • Label creation with lamination and specific media to resist harsh environments
  • Capability of creating caution and safety labels with 3 color thermal ribbons
  • Reduction of overall cost and lead time by creating labels in house, on demand
  • Reproduce small font size and barcodes using high resolution printing


Software Solution "NiceLabel Designer Pro"


Bundled with our printer is label creation software NiceLabel Designer Pro offering a variety of features. NiceLabel offers industry leading barcode labeling solutions to meet the demand of each vertical market.

Please visit NiceLabel Homepage for more detail about software and barcode solutions


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