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The easy control app for direct operation of ROWE ecoPrint. Clear status information.

  • Immediate access to all systems.
  • Direct configuration of paper and other media rolls with clear display of current roll occupancy.
  • Clear display showing printer status and usage data, e.g. square meters.

ROWE COCKPIT APP means you're in control. Always visible on the touchscreen monitor of ROWE ecoPrint. Status information, settings and configuration at your finger tips. You know everything about roll occupancy, available media as well as widths and remaining lengths. You can see if you have enough paper before you start printing. If necessary you can simply interrupt individual print orders. Everything is intuitive and explains itself clearly and efficiently.


Status information

  • Printer status
  • Information about roll occupancy, media, widths and remaining lengths
  • Counter reading: adjustable square meters, running meter, ft² and ft
  • Software version
  • Date and time


  • Online/offline printer switch
  • Settings and configuration
  • Configuration of roll occupancy
  • Interruption of running print orders
  • Switch off printer
  • Restart the whole application
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