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The CE6000 series is equipped with professional features such as a registration mark sensor and perforation cutting quality at a low cost. Supported software included advanced cutting functions that improve work efficiency and productivity


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A max force of 4.41 N (450 gf), speed of 1000 mm/s

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With maximum force of the 4.41 N (450 gf) and a maximum speed of 1000 mm/s (*1), it enable to cut various media with high productivity.
(*1) CE6000-120 PLUS

Reliable long length tracking up to 5 m long

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Its media stocker ensures a more stable media feed as up to 5 m (*2).
The long size of cutting object is able to cut accurate and stable using the automatic paneling function.
(*2) The stand and basket is used. In the CE6000-40 PLUS, it is up to 2 m.


Support various media

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It enable to support wide range of media including self-adhesive vinyl film for signs, self-adhesive printable film/paper media for labels/stickers, and thick paper for POP as the table advertising.
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Three sizes to best suit your applications

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The size of three models corresponds to their mountable media with: 484 mm (19 in.), 712 mm (28 in.), and 1346 mm (52 in.). It enable to support variety of applications.



Perforation cutting ability

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