Main Features

Improving work efficiency in pattern making

The CE6000-120AP is a cutting plotter for garment pattern making with the apparel CAD system.

The advanced features of the CE6000-120AP improve your work efficiency and increases productivity.

Dual tool configuration for garment pattern cutter

Dual tool configuration for cutting and plotting

dual tool configuration for cutting and plotting 01

It holds both a pen and a blade. The pen is for plotting and detailing graded patterns with seams, text, notches, grain direction, etc. The blade is to make the perforated cut of the pattern outline. The tool is automatically switched for cutting and plotting as needed, ensuring a high quality pattern and maximum productivity.

dual tool configuration for cutting and plotting 02


Enhanced speed when perforation cutting

enhanced speed when perforation cutting

Perforation cutting is performed by controlling the cutting force instead of blade up/down movements, dramatically increasing throughput. The force is controlled by the design software using a new command.


Reliable cutting/plotting quality

Reliable tracking

Reliable tracking

The number of push rollers has been increased to five, with the three inner rollers having two pressure settings (low and normal) to prevent media lifting and suit a wider range of substrates. A media sheet guide is also included to reduce static and to improve long length tracking. These two new additions ensure a more stable media feed and higher productivity.



High adaptability to the operating environment

high adaptability to the operating environment b

The design of the media feed system ensures that loaded media is acclimated to the ambient temperature and humidity before plotting or cutting. The user-selectable media pre-feed function sets two outer tracks, enhancing media handling. Together, these two media feed elements ensure reliable cutting and plotting quality within the desired operating environment.


Intuitive operation and easy to use

Easy to use in simple operation mode

large lcd with multi language support

Two set up menus, Simple and Normal, are available and can be chosen by the operator as desired.

Simple mode:Basic menus to ensure easy operation are displayed.

Normal:Menus for setting of all functions are displayed.

Large LCD with multi-language support

Large LCD with multi-language support

Settings can be easily configured using the large LCD (3.7-inches, 240 x 128 dots) and tactile control panel. It is also icon driven and supports 10 languages. ( English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Chinese(Simple), and Japanese )

New design with ease of use

New design with ease of use

All operations such as media loading and unloading, and menu settings can be conveniently done from the front of the machine. For added convenience, heavy media can be loaded on the low position of the front media stocker as well. This front-loading configuration also saves valuable production space.

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