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More than 70 different bar code, the QR code can be created easily

Full serialization, including non-decimal serial numbers, custom barcode with check digits, global variables, output masks, date/time arithmetic and scripting help you easily create complex variables.

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Image created by other application software can be imported

It is possible to paste an image that is created by other design application like Illustrator. The software allows to make Label in combination with bar codes and image easily.

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It is possible to make a label in conjunction with other database

It allows to make a label by interlocking a data base that is created by other software such as Excel with a barcord and variable.


Corresponding to Multiple languages

"NiceLabel Pro" is a Euro PLUS's label creation software has gained a high reputation in the world. It is corresponding to the 27 languafes display such as English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguise, Italy, Rusian, Chinese (Traditional / Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Thai and more.

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