The new MUTOH high-performance cutting plotter “ValueCut II”

MUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD., a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and 3D printers, affiliated with MUTOH HOLDINGS CO., LTD., today announced to launch the new cutting plotter "ValueCut II" from the ValueCut series.

The Value Cut series achieves high precision cutting and high productivity. The “ValueCut II” is available in three models with different maximum cut width, and upgraded to maximize ease of use and functionality. By combining with the MUTOH inkjet printers “ValueJet series”, the “ValueCut II” displays great ability as affordable high-performance print & cut system.

Mutoh Value Cut

  • VC2-600 Maximum cutting width 24”/610mm (stand and media basket are optional)
  • VC2-1300 Maximum cutting width 52”/1320mm (stand and media basket are included)
  • VC2-1800 Maximum cutting width 72”/1830mm (stand and media basket are included)

The feature of the ValueCut II include

1. AASII Contour Cutting System (Automatic Alignment System II)

AASII guarantees the finest cutting quality with automatic detecting registration marks which are origin point, 4 point alignment, segmental alignment and multi copy. The continuous contour cutting function is added to the AASII in ValueCut II. (X axis direction only)

2. Superior cutting speed

The max cutting speed is 60.2” (1,530mm)/s (at 45°direction) inherited from the current ValueCut, and enhances productivity with superior performance.

3. Optimum cutting force

The cutting force from 5g to 600g is selectable. It’s pursued ease of use by supporting a variety of materials from thin media to thick media that are required cutting pressure.

4. Three types of interface connection

The ValueCut II supports various system environments with triple port connection with USB, serial port (RS-232C) and Ethernet. By Ethernet cable, there is no restriction on PC installation place, moreover, it is possible to operate multiple ValueCut II with one PC with the Ethernet connection.

{slider5. Pen-up movement acceleration setting + contour cutting register mark detection movement speed setting}

The acceleration of the pen-up movement can be set in two levels according to the media. With this function, it is able to adjust the registration mark movement speed of the contour cut fixed so far according to the pen-up speed/acceleration setting.

6. Function on disablement of media sensor

Newly added disabled function of media sensor onto the platen. Transparent media can be used under "disabled“.

7. ValueCut II dedicated cutting software “FlexiSTARTER ValueCut Edition” as standard

It enables to create cut data and print cut data without design software, and easily cut the created data with ValueCut II.

The “ValueCut II” is released on April 8, 2019 in Japan, and will be released sequentially in the US, EMEA and Asia.

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