MUTOH launches a 630mm wide Inkjet Printer “VJ-628MP”

With newly developed MUTOH multipurpose ink “MP31 ink” for printing on various media


628MP intro enMUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD. a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers, affiliated with MUTOH HOLDINGS CO., LTD. today announced to launch a new 630mm wide inkjet printer “ValueJet 628MP”. In addition, “MP ink” printable on various media has been improved, is renewed as "MP31 ink" featuring with the new “VJ-628MP” printer. The “VJ-628MP”+”MP31 ink” meets the diversified needs, which is high-mix low-volume production such as gifts, novelties, packages, label stickers and etc. With the space-saving design, the ”VJ-628MP” can help discovery of new applications.

The “VJ-628MP” supports 630 mm wide roll media and has realized ease of use. A platen heater and blower heater are mounted, which improves drying performance and productivity.

The “MP31 ink” is friendly to working environment while having the equivalent to Eco-solvent ink in "weather resistance", "abrasion resistance" and "color development".

While maintaining various media compatibility, the ink jetting stability has been improved and seamless printing can be achieved. In addition, compared with UV curing type ink, the “MP31 ink” produces smooth surface and expresses the original texture of the material.

The MP ink is tough against heat and elongation which allows to print and process on PET materials used for vacuum and thermo forming. In 5 color mode of KCMY + white ink, the white ink with the high density brings out the primary color of the ink regardless of the base color.

The printer size including a stand: W:1,190mm × D:690mm × H:1,210mm (46.8" x 27" x 47.6"). VJ-628MP is available to select 5 color mode (KCMY + white ink) and 4 color mode at the delivery time.




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