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ColorJet is the India's Largest manufacturer of Digital Inkjet Printer. Colorjet is globally reputed for its deep commitment to Technological Innovation, Strong Outreach & Service Infrastructure and Complete Customer Focus to maintain its leadership position. Since inception in 1995, the Colorjet Group has been powered by over 1500 senior man-years of intensive digital print technology experience. The Technological Innovation Strength of ColorJet’s R&D department has been recognised by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India. ColorJet has rolled out 15 innovative products over 96 months, each emerging from the organisation’s unique 3E design philosophy: Economic, Efficient & Ecological.

The latest innovation in the field of Textile Printers is Digital Textile Printer. Digital Fabric Printers are compact, offer a lucrative Total Cost of Ownership, gives the option of millions of colours to choose from, and the possibility of unique design, every time. It is able to meet short-runs, faster turnaround, and higher standards of quality - giving customers the flexibility to bring ideas faster to the market. Designed to print directly on natural and synthetic fabrics, our Cloth Printing Machines incorporate the latest technology and efficient Indian engineering to meet the ever-growing demands of the textile industry. Cotton being the most used fabric in the textile industry, our Cotton Fabric Printers come in two forms - Digital and Sublimation fabric printing machines.


metroSubliXpress is a high-speed sublimation machine and a game-changer in the business of industrial sublimation printing machine. This dye-sublimation printer is India's fastest ROI 1.6 m sublimation machine. Equipped with up to 4 industrial-quality Kyocera print-heads, it prints variable ink-jetting intensities between 4-72 PL. The polyester fabric printing machine offers the capacity of 4000 sq. m/day. It enables the textile print businesses to obtain high volume output with a single high-speed sublimation machine. 


sublixpress plus Sublimation

Speed, Quality, Reliability and Consistency are the four most powerful pillars of our most advanced 72” Wide industrial dye sublimation printer -SubliXpress Plus.

Well equipped with Active Seaming Technology and 8 industrial Kyocera print heads, SubliXpress Plus has a vast production potential of 9,000 sqm/day to intensify your production level.



Our latest digital fabric printer Vastrajet K2 is a great combination of high speed and high quality. It is the best printing solutions for businesses that want to experiment with different patterns like checks, stripes, geometric designs on fabrics and make them appealing without compromising the quality.

The machine delivers magnificent prints using ColorJet original inks available in the configuration of 8 Colors options and is equipped with 32 Industrial Grade Konica Minolta Print Heads. With the fastest speed upto 269 sqm/hrVastrajet K2 can seamlessly print 5000 sqm/day.



VASTRAJET is a high speed Direct to Fabric Digital Textile printer designed to print directly on natural and synthetic fabric. Built on 3E design philosophy – Economic, Efficient and Ecological, VASTRAJET comes with maximum capabilities and applications for maximum business.

This Direct to fabric printer is a leap ahead in its technology, with high precision and quality output making it the most selling Digital Textile Printer from the house of ColorJet.



 METRO is a truly advanced industrial grade 1.8 meters wide digital fabric printing machine, which fantastically incorporates the latest technology and efficient engineering to meet the ever-growing demands of the textile business. As a digital textile printing consultant, ColorJet offers this high-speed fabric printing machine that is compatible to work with all types of inks like reactive, acid, disperse, and pigment. This industrial textile printer weaves magic on a variety of fabrics, ranging from 0.1 mm to 30 mm including cotton, polyester, silk, viscose, wool, nylon, acetate, or any other blended fabric. 


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