A 1625mm/64” wide, versatile rigid & roll-to-roll large format printer with MUTOH’s Bio-based Multi-Purpose ink (MP11 ink)

The VJ-1617H hybrid printer delivers high quality prints on a wide variety of roll and rigid media, such as ABS, aluminium sandwich board, cardboard, non-pvc self-adhesive media, PE, PET, PMMA, PP, PVC foam board, recyclable fibre-based paper, uncoated polyester, uncoated Tyvek, etc..

The VJ-1617H utilizes MUTOH’s Bio-based Multi-Purpose ink (MP11 ink). The MP11 CMYK + White inks are non-petrochemical based. The key carrier, comprising 50 % of the ink, is derived from corn.

The MP Ink does not only give you high performance on rigid media, it also prints beautifully on roll surfaces with an exceptionally wide color gamut.

The VJ-1617H is designed for start-up companies as well as established print businesses wanting short run production of roll prints and panel creation for close viewing distances. It is the versatile, economic option that reduces impact on the environment.

The VJ-1617H is the obvious choice for print providers who supply customers demanding “green output” (recyclable media).



Smart Printing Technologies:

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Model Name VJ-1617H
Printer Technology Drop-on-demand Micro Piezo Inkjet Technology
Print Head 1
Head Heights Automatic
Max. Media Width 1625mm
Max. Print Width 1615mm
Max. Media Thickness 15mm
Roll Media Measurements* φ150mm/ 2" & 3" / 30kg or less
Rigid Media Measurements Maximum length: 1200mm, Minimum length: 200mm / 15kg or less
Ink Type Bio-based Multi-Purpose ink (MP11 ink)
Ink Colors KCMY – 4 colors x 2, KCMY+white
Ink Volume KCMY: 950ml bag, White: 500ml bag (Need dedicated adapters)
Print Resolutions 1440/1080/720dpi (6 modes as standard + 18 modes as custom**)
Interface Ethernet (10 Base-T/100 Base-TX)
Heater Control System "Equipped with blower heater
Full width 64"" air knife
Temperature range: 65° - 75° - 85°C (air temp)
Typical media surface temperature : 50 °C or lower"
Power Supply AC 100-240V - 60/50 Hz
A-property Acoustic Power Level (Actual Measured Value) 64.8dB or less
Printer Accuracy Guaranteed Environment Temperature: 22~28℃ Humidity: 40~60%RH (Non Condensing)
Power Consumption Operating Status: 300W or less, In standby: 40W or less
Blower Heater:2200W or less, In standby: 25W or less
Machine Measurements W 2698 x D 818 x H 1302 mm
Machine Measurements with media feeding table (option) W 2698 x D 2486 x H 1302 mm
Packing Size W2880 x D1150 x H850mm, Weight: 266.5kg
Media feeding table F/R: W 1770 x D 1160 x H 215mm, Weight: 57kg
W2245 x D395 x H250mm, Weight: 36kg
Take-up unit: W 2555 x D 316 x H 286mm, Weight: 13.4kg
Main Unit Weight Printer: 167.5kg Stand: 33kg Table: 43kg Take-up system: 18kg
Option Take-up system VJ-16 TUP30 (30kg)
Media feeding table for rigid media
Media support
High capacity ink pack adapter VJ-HCIPADPT

*Due to the removal of the flange joint, the 2-inch media core can be adjusted; however, do not use the solid 2-inch core media.

**Custom modes are set by the RIP software. For the details, please contact your authorized dealer.

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