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Ensure Optimum Color Reproduction.

The Mutoh SpectroVue VM-10 is a compact spectrophotometer developed for on printer color calibration. The patented design incorporates Mutoh’s own DP1 spectral imaging chip, a high resolution “digital prism” that converts visible light to a digital spectrum. Helping to ensure greater productivity by automating the tedious task of printing and measuring color targets and eliminates the need to cut test prints off printers to measure.

Combined with compatible RIP software, regular use of the SpectroVue VM – 10 helps to ensure optimum color reproduction and reproducibility; it enhances image quality by utilizing the full color gamut of the printer; and, achieves a higher level of color consistency for multi run print jobs and jobs printed on different substrates. Checks can be performed with minimal impact on production schedules. And, With the SpectroVue, calibration color patch layouts are optimized to fit the full width of the media, minimizing waste and improving overall productivity.

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