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ColorVerify/G7 is a G7-based process control solution for your Mutoh ValueJet printer. Never heard of G7, you say? You’re not alone. G7 has been used for many years in other aspects of the commercial print industry as a system-independent calibration standard. Now Mutoh has adapted the G7 Method to the unique needs of large format sign making.

Do you struggle with maintaining consistent color? Matching colors consistently between printers and substrates? Matching reprints of the same job over time? Matching spot colors consistently? If you answered yes to any of these questions, ColorVerify/G7 is your solution.

ColorVerify/G7 is really two solutions in one: first, it calibrates your printer to a known good condition; and second, it provides you with the tools you need to check and maintain that condition. How? It starts by calibrating your printer to a common gray balance defined in the ANSI/CGATS technical document TR015-2013. This is the ANSI/CGATS standard referred to as the G7 Method. Any CMYK printer calibrated to G7 will print with a common visual appearance, because the G7 Method removes the inherent color cast and adjusts for non-linear print density. Linearization alone cannot do this, so we replace linearization with G7 calibration.

Once you’ve calibrated your printers to G7, you’ll be able to build better, more consistent ICC profiles – or get better results from premade profiles. With G7, even before profiling you’ll have neutral grayscales and more realistic overall color reproduction.

And once you’ve calibrated your printers to G7, you can use our ColorVerify system to maintain that calibration, and identify and correct for color drift caused by ink and media changes, environmental changes and mechanical wear. And if you keep your printers calibrated to G7, you’ll get better, more consistent results from your ICC profiles – without needing to re-profile.

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