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Editorial - ROWE Scan 650i-MFP

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ROWE Scan 650i MFP is a benchmark in ease of operation and quality. Thanks to ROWE DOUBLE LIGHT technology unique scanning results without shadow in brilliant quality.

The multifunctional solution consists of a ROWE Scan 650i with 44“ scan width, ROWE ScanManager SE or PRO and an MFP stand with touchscreen holder. But not only that: with ROWE Scan 650i MFP you’ll scan, print and copy faster and more easily than everyone else. For this there are numerous patented innovations and advantages like:

  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 + RES (ROWE EFFICIENT SCANNING, a high performance process of data compression without loss)
  • ROWE ScanMatrix+ , consisting of several digital core components, like ROWE DOUBLE LIGHT, ROWE DYNAMIC STICHING or ROWE PRO LOGIC
  • Optional fully AUTOMATIC HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT up to 30 mm
  • Compatibility with all standard large format printers
  • Upgradable at any time for Scan‐to‐Copy on further large format network printers

Experience the fascination of ROWE. Simply make an appointment with the authorised dealer in your area.

Model Overview

rowe modelluebersicht model overview mfp inkjet rowe scan 650i

Multifunctional high performance wide format scanner
Compatible with all standard large format printers

Consisting of ROWE Scan 650i - 44“ and ROWE Scan MFP‐Stand including Touchscreen Holder

Maximum scan width 44 inches

Optical resolution
2400 x 1200 dpi

ROWE ScanMatrix+
Patented technology,

ROWE ScanCloud enabled

rowe modelluebersicht model overview mfp inkjet rowe scan 650i HA

Multifunctional high performance wide format scanner with automatic height adjustment
Compatible with all standard large format printers

Consisting of ROWE Scan 650i - 44“ HA and ROWE Scan MFP‐Stand including Touchscreen Holder

Maximum scan width 44 inches

Maximum media thickness up to 30 mm (1.18")

Optical resolution
2400 x 1200 dpi

ROWE ScanMatrix+
Patented technology,

ROWE ScanCloud enabled

Multifunctional solutions


Extend your printer to a MFP solution without compromise.

rowe scan650i mfp

  • The ROWE Scan 650i-MFP is compatible with all popular large format printers.
  • Fit for the future:  The ROWE Scan 650i-MFP is designed for several printer generations.
  • Scan width 44“
  • ROWE ScanManager: Intuitive and modular.
  • Ergonomics made by ROWE:The ROWE Scan 650i also provides an optimal work surface for keyboard and mouse. 
  • Optical resolution scanner: 2400 x 1200 dpi
  • Scanning without length limitation
  • Scanning, printing and copying in the smallest space: Total depth only 34.25" (87 cm)!


Scan Quality

rowe scan matrix


ROWE ScanMatrix+ consists of several digital core components. A new scan quality dimension is achieved by their interaction. Simply superior wide format scanning. Simply ROWE.



Company technology protected by patents is the foundation of the ROWE Scan 650i wide format scanner. It´s the base for superior productivity. Your competitive edge.

SuperSpeed USB 3.0

SuperSpeed USB 3.0
= Exceptional productivity

Only ROWE combines RES – a high-performance process of data compression without loss – with SuperSpeed USB 3.0. The result: data throughput increases up to 1000 % compared to HighSpeed USB 2.0! Of course, the ROWE Scan 650i still supports HighSpeed USB 2.0.

Even compared to Gigabit Ethernet, ROWE SuperSpeed USB 3.0 + RES is up to 300 % faster.

650 productivity en

Automatic width recognition „On the fly“

auto width recognition standard en

Conventional feed mode

auto width recognition scan 450i en

Feed mode ROWE Scan 650i

Automatic width recognition „On the fly“
ROWE has eliminated the annoying forward and backward movement for recognition of the document width. “On the fly“, means that during the scan process the width of the document is detected precisely. This protects your documents and effectively saves time.

Dymanic width Recognition

dymanic width standard en

Standard scanner

dymanic width 650i en

Rowe Scan 650i

Dynamic Width Recognition
Are the corners of your document damaged or ripped? No problem, the dynamic width recognition of ROWE recognises this and determines the correct width of the document.

Immediately operational
As a result of highly efficient LED-light sources a warm-up phase isn’t necessary, the ROWE Scan 650i
is immediately operational – also in color. This saves time, energy and reduces the running costs.

After scanning, can brightness, contrast or color for example be adjusted without rescanning the document? No problem, with the DOCUMENT IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM from ROWE! All changes will be immediately displayed in the viewer.

Scan width 60 inches – ROWE scans wider!

rowe scanbreite scan width scan 650i

Do you require a scan width of 60 inches (1524 mm)? We have the solution! Completely in tune with ROWE-typical modularity, all ROWE Scan 650i large format scanners with 55“ scan width can be upgraded at your site to 60“.


ROWE exclusive

ROWE AUTOMATIC HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT up to 30 mm ‐ ROWE scans thicker!

rowe automatische hoehenverstellung automatic height adjustment scan 650i

The ROWE Scan 650i scans even the thickest originals ‐ up to 30 mm (1.18“) – a user wish which was often expressed. The electrically driven ROWE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT works automatically at the simple push of a key: sensors determine the exact thickness of the original, the top part of the scanner positions itself automatically at the correct height and the ROWE SAFE DRIVE guarantees the safe transport of the original.



rowe ergonomie ergonomics scan650i

1. ROWE automates your workflow with favourites.
All functions of the ROWE ScanManager can be defined and grouped as favourites without any numerical limitation. When required the favourites can either be called up directly from the software or with one of the 6 Hot Keys of the ROWE Scan 650i.

rowe scan 650i bedienung display

... also transports fragile documents safely and effectively reduces soiling and wear of the scan glass.

3. Simple replacement of the scan glass
Removal of the scan glass is carried out without tools – simply, quickly and absolutely ergonomically! It’s done like this: open the top part of the scanner, press the scan glass down with your thumb and remove it – finished. Simple and ergonomical – typical ROWE.

rowe einfacher scanglaswechsel replacement of scan glass

4. Active output
Driven transport rollers at the rear guarantee safe output of the document. No jam in the scanner.

rowe scan 650i aktiver auslauf active transport

5. Perfect handling of the keyboard and mouse

6. The monitor can be turned and swivelled

7. USB-interface directly on the ROWE Scan 650i: Scan-to-USB, Print-from-USB

rowe scan 650i usb stick

8. Scanning face-up

9. Large surface feed table with non-stick coating

10. Feed ruler

rowe scan 650i anlagelineal feed ruler


Apps for ROWE Scan 650i

rowe app center monitor

rowe app center app


Discover a comprehensive range of applications in the new ROWE APP CENTER. Operation of the ROWE scan software is absolutely intuitive due to its user-friendly design and standard platform. ROWE has developed all applications especially for optimization of your business processes. You decide about the configuration. A new world, called up at the touch of a button.



Minimal follow-on costs and exceptional durability are especially important to us

  • Especially high quality materials
    and excellent workmanship guarantee exceptional durability.
  • Lowest scan glass wear – maximum protection for the documents
    With the new ROWE SAFE DRIVE the ROWE Scan 650i achieves up to 500 % longer life-cycle of the scan glasses compared to scanners without this technology


Upgrading – The ROWE Scan 650i is exceptional.

  • Scan width
    ROWE modularity even allows an on side upgrade of the scan width from 55" to 60".
  • Color and scan speed
    You want to upgrade your ROWE Scan 650i-20 on side to a full color scanner or to increase the scan speed? No problem with the upgrade kits 650i-40, 650i-60 and 650i-80.
  • ROWE ScanManager
    The ROWE ScanManager can be completely upgraded on site.
  • Accessories
    The accessories can be completely upgraded on site.


Typical ROWE. Products for today and tomorrow. Safe investment in the future guaranteed. Various requirements. The solution. The new ROWE Scan 650i. Customers say:

“If I buy a new plotter or printer I want to carry on using the scanner. Like that I save almost 50 % !”

“A SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface is vital, as well as complete modular software. I want to be sure the future is safe.”

“I expect a real intuitive touch operation with automated work flows which I can configure myself.”

“My customers expect a scanner which can scan all types of document perfectly. Old poor originals, folded documents and maps with tiny details.”

“We expect top results as far as the environment is concerned. Whisper-quiet operation and maximum 1 W in energy save mode. These are our requirements.”



Our technology “Made in Germany” is subject to strict environmental regulations

  • Whisper-quiet means a pleasant working atmosphere.
  • Energy Star
    With a power consumption of 1 W in energy save mode and 43 W during operation, the ROWE Scan
    650i stays below the requirements of the Energy Star.
  • Quality seals and certificates
    Cul (CAN/CSA-C22.2 No 60950-1-07, FCC: Class B), CB (EN 60950-1), EMC directive 2004/108/EG
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