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Editorial - ROWE Scan 450i

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ROWE has fulfilled a vision with its new ROWE Scan 450i:
Development of a new class of high-tech scanners “Made in Germany“ with groundbreaking innovations.

The ROWE Scan 450i has three models with scanning widths of 24", 36" and 44". Standard equipment for all large format scanners is SuperSpeed USB 3.0 + RES, ROWE ScanCloud and ROWE ScanMatrix+ which is a unique technology worldwide. Your advantage: Scanning with the patented process ROWE DYNAMIC STITCHING, fully automatic transformation of originals with poor contrast into perfect scans due to the image improvement technology ROWE PRO LOGIC and brilliant, natural colors as a result of ROWE SELECTED TRUE LIGHT.

Also unique: A new process that makes it possible to scan and at the same time recognise the width of the original – all in one process, as well as independently recognising damaged or ripped corners on the originals. The result is excellent productivity whilst at the same time protecting the documents.

Of particular importance to ROWE customers – top results regarding modularity, cost and environment. Thanks to the patented ROWE SAFE DRIVE technology the scan glass has a life-cycle up to 500% longer than standard wide-format scanners. A power consumption of less than 0.4% in energy saving mode also protects the environment.

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Model Overview

rowe modelluebersicht model overview scan 450i

3 large format models
24", 36" and 44"

  • Professional scanner up to A0
  • Technology protected by patents
  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 + RES
  • 2400 x 1200 dpi optical resolution
  • Cloud enabled

rowe modelluebersicht model overview mfp inkjet rowe scan 450i

MFP Inkjet large format

Extend your existing inkjet printer with the ROWE Scan 450i for the clever MFP solution.

Find out more

4 rowe ecoprint mfp

ROWE ecoPrint MFP large format 

Consisting of ROWE ecoPrintlarge format printer with FULL HD USER‐INTERFACE and ROWE Scan 450i ‐ 36“

Find out more


ROWE ScanCloud

rowe scancloud

Easy connection to your cloud

ROWE ScanCloud technology links the ROWE Scan 450i large format scanner with your cloud provider. Simply scan in the QR code e.g. by smartphone, select your cloud as target, start the scan and the file will be immediately transferred to your cloud folder. Simply smart and safe.

The ROWE ScanCloud is independent of your cloud provider.

scancloud smartphone qr code

Scan quality

rowe scan matrix


ROWE ScanMatrix+ consists of several digital core components. A new scan quality dimension is achieved by their interaction. Simply superior. Simply ROWE.

Standard scanner

Rowe Scan 450i


ROWE engineers have achieved a groundbreaking innovation: excellent scans, even when the document is folded or thin. The patented ROWE DYNAMIC STITCHING continuously controls the scanned document data of each sensor and sets them together in real time. Any deviations that may occur are corrected automatically. Compare the difference!
Standard scanner

Rowe Scan 450i


The Scan Sensor Technology used for the first time in the ROWE Scan 450i means the lighting of the originals is exceptionally homogenous. This is achieved by the optimal alignment of the lighting angle to the sensor. Together with the ROWE double lens technology, this produces excellent scanning results.
Standard scanner

Rowe Scan 450i


... is the superior document enhancement technology from ROWE for copying and scanning with the “green button”. It ensures that imperfect originals, even those with poor contrast, are turned into perfect scans at the first attempt. This simple job with the “green button” saves valuable time and test scans. Faulty copies are a Standard scanner ROWE Scan 450i thing of the past..
Standard scanner

Rowe Scan 450i

2.400 x 1.200dpi

The optical resolution of 2400 x 1200 dpi (maximum resolution 9600 dpi) means the smallest details are visible. Your competitive edge in large format scanning.

Capture superb colors

The ROWE Scan 450i supports not only the standard sRGB color space but also user defined color spaces like Adobe RGB or Device RGB.




The heart of the new ROWE Scan 450i is company technology protected by patents. 
It’s the base for superior productivity at scanning. Your competitive edge.

SuperSpeed USB 3.0

SuperSpeed USB 3.0
= Exceptional productivity

Only ROWE combines RES – a high performance process of data compression without loss - with SuperSpeed USB 3.0. The result: data throughput increases up to 1000% compared to HighSpeed USB 2.0! Of course, the ROWE Scan 450i still supports HighSpeed USB 2.0.

Even compared to Gigabit Ethernet, ROWE SuperSpeed USB 3.0 is up to 300% faster.

Immediately operational

As a result of highly efficient LED-light sources a warm-up phase isn’t necessary, the ROWE Scan 450i is immediately operational – also in color. This saves time, energy and reduces the running costs.


After scanning, can brightness, contrast or color for example be adjusted without rescanning the document? No problem, with the DOCUMENT IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM from ROWE! All changes will be immediately displayed in the viewer

Automatic Width Recognition “On the fly“

auto width recognition standard en

Standard scanner

auto width recognition scan 450i en

Rowe Scan 450i

ROWE has eliminated the annoying forward and backward movement for recognition of the document width. “On the fly”, means that during the scan process the width of the document is detected precisely. This protects your documents and effectively saves time.

Dynamic Width Recognition

dymanic width standard en

Standard scanner

dymanic width 450i en

Rowe scan 450i

Are the corners of the large format document damaged or ripped? No problem, the dynamic width recognition of ROWE recognises this and determines the correct width of the document



ergonomics scan450i


ROWE sets the benchmark in ergonomics.Once again.


  • Document Return Guides
  • Perfect handling of keyboard and mouse
  • Scan-to: Net, USB, Copy, E-Mail and Cloud
  • The monitor can be turned and swivelled
  • Scanning face-up

Active output
Driven transport rollers at the rear guarantee safe 
output of the document. No jam in the scanner.

rowe scan 450i aktiver auslauf active transport 

Simple replacement of the scan glass
Removal of the scan glass is carried out without tools – simply, quickly and absolutely ergonomically! It’s done like this: open the top part of the scanner, press the scan glass down with your thumb and remove it – finished. Simple and ergonomical – typical ROWE

rowe einfacher scanglaswechsel replacement of scan glass

ROWE automates your workflow
4 Hot Keys on the control panel of the ROWE Scan 450i automate your workflow. A variety of functions can be bundled – to meet requirements – and called up at the press of a button. Visionary ROWE: There are no limits in the allocation of the Hot Keys. Not only individual but all functions of the ROWE ScanManager can be allocated

rowe scan 450i bedienfeld display


Multifunctional solutions


Extend your printer to a MFP solution without compromise. 
The ROWE Scan 450i MFP is compatible with all popular large format printers or plotters.

rowe scan450i mfp

    The ROWE Scan 450i has been developed for several printer generations with the interface SuperSpeed USB 3.0 as standard as well as being manufactured in especially high quality materials.
  • 3 models with different scan widths
    scanner 24", scanner 36" and scnnaer 44"
  • ROWE ScanManager
    Intuitive and modular scan software made by ROWE
  • Ergonomics made by ROWE
    The ROWE Scan 450i also provides an optimal work surface for keyboard and mouse.
  • Optical resolution scanner 2400 x 1200 dpi
  • Scanning without length
  • In the smallest place.
    Scanning, printing & copying

Apps for ROWE Scan 450i

rowe app center monitor

rowe app center app


Discover a comprehensive range of applications in the new ROWE APP CENTER. Operation of the ROWE scan software is absolutely intuitive due to its user-friendly design and standard platform. ROWE has developed all applications especially for optimization of your business processes. You decide about the configuration. A new world, called up at the touch of a button




Minimal operating costs and exceptional durability are especially important to us.

  • Especially high quality materials and exceptional workmanship guarantee exceptional durability
  • Lowest scan glass wear – maximum protection for the documents: With the new ROWE SAFE
    DRIVE the ROWE Scan 450i achieves up to 500% longer life-cycle of the scan glass compared to
    standard scanners.


Standard scanner with hardened
scan glass


ROWE Scan 450i with hardened
scan glass and




Our technology „Made in Germany” is subject to strict environmental regulations.

  • Whisper-quiet means a pleasant working atmosphere 
  • Energy Star The ROWE Scan 450i large format scanner exceeds the requirements of the Energy Star. 
  • Quality seals and certificates RoHS, ENERGY STAR, CE, CCC, UL, cUL, CB, FCC Part 15 Class B, EAC, BSMI, BIS
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