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The app for generation and use of stamps and individual cover sheets.

  • Generation and editing of user defined stamps and dividers with order information
  • Automatic embedding of dynamic information
  • Specific control of the position and size of stamps

ROWE PRINT SPECIALS APP is for generating and editing of user defined stamps, also as watermarks and dividers. E.g. embedding of your company logo, geometric shapes or texts into the text field of your printouts. The app is able to generate so-called ‘pen-tables’ for the output of complex HPGL-files. This means that, particularly in CAD drawings, the image of the lines can be specifically controlled and optimally printed. Using place markers dynamic information like date, time or page number can be automatically embedded into your printouts. Of special importance to you: name of drawing, user name and order name can all be allocated by you. This means all positions and sizes of your stamps can be specifically controlled, the app takes care of automatic calibration and rotation.


  • Generate, edit and use your own stamps and dividers
  • Embed geometric objects, texts incl. special effects e.g. watermarks
  • Embed vector and raster files like company logo
    • use of special place markers for dynamic substitution of data relevant to the print order possible, e.g. order name, number of pages or date
  • Positioning and size of stamps can be specifically controlled:
    • fixed corner points or text field position can be adjusted
    • optional provision for scaling and rotation of drawing
  • Own pen-table for HPGL output can be defined and saved
  • Possible to save all settings as ‘Favorites’
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