Digital Label Creation System

LCX1000 Series

LABELROBO LCX1000 is a full-fledged digital label creation system developed with the concept of "Easy creation of high-quality labels on demand".The system consists of two products. The "DLP1000" is a high speed and high durability electrophotographic digital label printer.And the "DLC1000" is a digital label finisher with the functions of laminating, free size and shape cutting, waste matrix removal, slitting, and rewinding.

Equipped with Large Capacity HDD 

Capable of Controlling Print Without the Use of a PC

Not only can it be controlled by PC, the LCX1000 can be controlled by the DLP1000 touch panel. Operate the finishing cutter through the print/cut data cited in the large capacity server of the DLP1000 through its touch panel. The system enables smooth work transition between label printing and the finishing processes.


Controls Up to 8 DLCs Through a Single DLP Device

Not only can it be controlled by PC, the LCX1000 system can control up to 8 DLC1000 devices through the DLP1000 touch panel. Insert printed roll paper into the DLC1000, and transmit cut data from the DLP1000. It Improves work efficiency.


Comes standard with Label Creation Software

Label creation software is included. Creating label is able to start immediately after this system is installed.
High quality color label including the GHS label is able to be easily created. It is able to easily control the label finisher and printer using the Windows driver.
It can be used in a way to fit with the environment of use.


  • Creates the label design
  • Imports an image data to label
  • Corresponds to the variable data as serial number
  • Supports barcode creation



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